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Why Vote For Me

  • I am a career teacher who understands the needs of students and have extensive experience in budgets and financial management.
  • I have hands-on involvement working on the Long Beach College Promise Pathways Symposium and support collaboration between LBUSD, LBCC and CSULB faculty members to maximize efforts towards seamless education
  • I believe in equity and accessibility for all students/community stakeholders.
  • In these challenging economic times and with our district's declining enrollment, we must keep the budget balanced without overburdening our students. Budgetary cuts must be made as far away from the classroom as possible.
  • As a third-generation resident of Long Beach, I have a vested interest in ensuring that our community maintains a first-rate K thru 12 system that serves all students.
  • I will seek partnerships with local businesses to assist students in becoming productive members of the community by making informed choices in preparation for college or for learning a skilled trade.
  • Students should have the opportunity to choose an alternative path to college. Vocational training should be available from middle school through high school for those seeking a career in the skilled trades.
  • I have been a mentor and master teacher for CSULB students preparing to enter the teaching profession.
  • I have taught financial literacy and guided students through career exploration via project-based learning.